box2d related issues & queries in GameXchanger

Libgdx Box2d TiledMap Scaling

java libgdx box2d tilemap tiled
Updated April 14, 2019 08:13 AM

Server Side Movement Box2D LibGDX

libgdx box2d client-server
Updated February 28, 2019 12:13 PM

Libgdx Box2D Triangle Joint behaviour

libgdx box2d joints
Updated January 07, 2019 11:13 AM

Rotate object around a dynamic object

c++ box2d
Updated December 22, 2018 19:13 PM

TiledMap SDL2, Box2d and Camera!

c++ box2d sdl2
Updated October 28, 2018 01:13 AM

How do I set the gravity of a plane world

libgdx box2d
Updated September 17, 2018 17:13 PM

How to make a object bounce at box2d python?

box2d python pygame
Updated September 11, 2018 16:13 PM

Top-down conveyor belt with Box2D

2d libgdx physics box2d
Updated August 16, 2018 10:13 AM

Tuning physics for a "worms"-like game

java libgdx box2d
Updated July 15, 2018 07:13 AM

What does linearDamping mean in Box2D?

c++ 2d physics box2d
Updated June 22, 2018 22:13 PM

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