audio related issues & queries in GameXchanger

FramiTracker or FL Studio for Game Music

assets audio music
Updated August 08, 2018 22:13 PM

Advice on rhythm based game

javascript html5 audio sound music
Updated April 08, 2018 03:13 AM

Audio Engineering equipment requirement

Updated March 26, 2018 04:13 AM

Why some audio files are not working in Unity?

unity audio
Updated February 24, 2018 20:13 PM

AudioSource not working. Empty Exception

unity c# audio file http
Updated February 18, 2018 04:13 AM

Play streaming sound in OpenTK?

c# audio opentk streaming
Updated January 14, 2018 12:13 PM

How can I play audio instantly in Java?

java audio music
Updated December 07, 2017 14:13 PM

Can u help me with sound effects?

audio sound-effects
Updated November 25, 2017 14:13 PM

Precision timing in Unity3d

unity c# audio sound timer
Updated November 24, 2017 11:13 AM

SDL Mixer Strange Error Message

c++ sdl audio
Updated November 12, 2017 03:13 AM

Play a sound when moving cursor on a button?

unity gui audio
Updated November 04, 2017 20:13 PM

Where to purchase multitrack music loops?

audio music
Updated November 01, 2017 20:13 PM

Adding more effects to a Unity3d mixer

unity audio
Updated October 27, 2017 16:13 PM

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