In wp_list_comments(), what is a short_ping?

by Matthew Brown aka Lord Matt   Last Updated September 12, 2019 04:08 AM

I've been looking at the documentation for wp_list_comments(). One of the options is 'short_ping' which is documented thus:

( boolean ) Whether you want to use a short ping.

What on earth is a "short ping" and why would I want one?

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Answers 1

This option is used to output a pingback comment. It's passed to the Walker_Comment class, and if it's set to true, it will output something similar to this:

    <div class="comment-body">
        Pingback: <a href="author-url-here" rel="external nofollow" class="url">Author Name</a>

The author URL is the field that users enter when filling out the comment form. Note that the closing </li> is missing intentionally.

Jack Johansson
Jack Johansson
September 12, 2019 03:44 AM

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