Accessing data from Google Cloud Datastore in Wordpress site

by Ingrid   Last Updated June 12, 2019 08:08 AM

I want to access data stored in Google Cloud Datastore (or possibly other Google database option) in my Wordpress site. I have tried to find information about this without much luck. The alternatives I can see at the moment are these:

  1. Hosting the Wordpress site on Google App Engine, which I suspect would enable me to access the data on Google Cloud Datastore easier (is this so?).

  2. Adding a plugin to my Wordpress site (not hosted at Google) that will enable this. The Google App Engine plugin hasn't worked for me so far though. Is it meant to be used only with Google App Engine hosting? From the plugin description:

Note: This plugin is designed to be used with Google App Engine only and will not work with any other hosting.

Although Google writes:

"Google Cloud Platform offers several plugins to integrate WordPress with App Engine, Cloud Storage, and more. These plugins can be installed on any WordPress application, not just ones running on Google Cloud Platform."

  1. Using this method to be able to retreive data from the database using Python scripts.

What have I missed? I would have thought this would be fairly common an issue? Thankful for advice on the best option.

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