Shortcodes within the sidebar text/html widget: How to preserve the raw HTML output of the shortcode?

by Blackbam   Last Updated May 15, 2019 17:08 PM

WordPress 5.2 destroys structured data by adding rel="noopener noreferrer" to widget output (also to shortcodes): How to display the shortcode output without code change?

This feature was added in 5.2:

Basically there is nothing wrong with adding rel="noopener noreferrer" to <a href="..." target="_blank"></a> links, as it will protect from malicious comments or bad authors for instance.

Anyway I have a shortcode from some plugin which is generating structured data (rating stars) for a website and embedded via shortcode. Adding the rel-Attribute there breaks the structured data (as confirmed by

How can I use the shortcode in a sidebar widget with the code preserved?

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