Detecting a change in the part of a multi-part Ninja Form

by AdamJones   Last Updated August 16, 2018 02:08 AM

I need to make some very fundamental changes to the visual layout of a Ninja Form I created. This was working great using the nfFormReady event that Ninja Forms provides (because the forms are loaded asynchronously and aren't actually present when using the standard document ready event).

jQuery(document).on( 'nfFormReady', function( e, layoutView ) {     
    // myjQuery code to alter the DOM 

The problem is that I now need to split the form up into multiple parts using their multi-part form add-on.

The issue is that this nfFormReady event only fires on the initial first page of the form rendering. I am unaware of other hooks that I can lock into to catch whenever a user switches form part.

Does anyone have any solutions aside from the MutationObserver as I've had very little luck with that.

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