WordPress multi site network setup on local server shows sub-directories error

by Abhilasha Upase   Last Updated August 08, 2018 06:08 AM

We are trying to setup a multisite network on local server. But in network setup, where we were expecting to radio selects for either sub-domian or sub-directories there we can see

"Because your install is in a directory, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-directories."

The set is taken from existing wordpress site on local. For SEO purpose we want to select sub-directories for multisite. Please provide solution in detail as i am the only one who works on wordpress in my team. TIA.

Answers 1

I guess the message says you have no choice: since your local installation is a directory your subsites will be subdirectories and cannot be subdomains.. That fit your needs, so just go on.. https://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network#Installing_a_Network

Andrea Somovigo
Andrea Somovigo
August 08, 2018 05:21 AM

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