Create a single website with 3 theme options in wordpress

by Sravan   Last Updated July 24, 2018 08:08 AM

I am newbie to wordpress and was wondering if there is any way or a plugin to give an option to the website owner for changing the themes without having to change the appearance from customizer.

I've tried changing the themes from "Appearance" option but it would disturb the styles and elements of current theme and wouldn't apply perfectly.

I want to make sure that when the website owner changes the theme(among the installed themes) from Appearance option, the new theme should apply without missing without distorting the website. Excuse me, if I'm not able to express it in a right way as I am not used to the WP terminologies

Let me give an example to explain you what am trying to achieve, say I have a theme1 and theme2 installed and setup in my wordpress and I need a theme switcher that would allow the website owner to switch whatever theme he desires. When I setup theme1 and try to change it to theme2(which has slider, feature section available), it wouldn't get all the elements(like slider, feature section) in theme2.

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