Multisite Non-WWW Base Domains Redirect to wp-signup.php?new=non-www domain

by Brent   Last Updated July 17, 2018 20:08 PM

I have a WordPress Multisite installation: One sub-site connected to it is (There are several other sites, all with subdomains attached to them, those are behaving just fine.)

Of the two primary domains in question, both work just fine when prefixed with "www". But if you go to or It defaults to a user sign-up page.

User Sign Up Screen

I was able to locate a stack enchange article that explains what's going on here: Wordpress Multisite redirecting to wp-signup.php

His solution was to disable the auto_globals_jit in PHP.ini, because it was preventing the $[_SERVER] superglobal from being loaded.

I have updated the PHP FPN settings on my host with php_value["auto_global_jit"] = off to reflect this, and have verified via PHPINFO() that the 'auto_globals_jit' was disabled, but the issue persists.

The solution also mentioned a possible caching issue, but I'm not aware of any caching on the site at present that could be affecting this. It's possible though.

I've tried a number of modifications to the wp-config.php file including:

define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', '' ); # I also swapped out the empty space, with $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], and hard coding the primary domain ''.

That was suggested here: Site Redirecting to wp-signup.php

I've followed the suggestions in this stack exchange post: What is the correct way to map multiple domains in a WordPress 4.1 multisite install?

I went ahead and changed the primary domain to the NON-WWW form of '' for the sub-site, but the issue even still persists when typing in just "" directly into the browser. It continues to redirect to the new user sign up page.

Finally, I've attempted to setup a URL redirect in the .htaccess file for all variations of both domains: '' and ''. That also failed, possibly because of my inexperience in .htaccess file writing.

I've been ignoring this bug for a while, but it really should be fixed. :) I will know that the bug is fixed when I can go to any of the following in my in my address bar:

be properly redirected:

The same should happen for the following:

should go to:

These domain look-ups should NOT redirect me to:

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