Developing Themes with React/Angular

by Muaz Hesam Musa   Last Updated July 12, 2018 01:08 AM

I am learning WordPress REST API and ReactJs.I think ReactJS would be a great asset for developing faster themes and plugins.But I have a question.May be I am new to React that's why i am confused with those and i am asking to get a clarified idea about All those things

  1. Do i need Node for developing themes with react?I know that node/npms work for server side and while there is a rest API in wordpress,so why i should use node.I can create get requests on those API endpoints and get desired data.

  2. Will It be convenient for users?For example: If it can be installed same as to the wordpress theme installation?Upload -> Install -> Activate?..No need to run npm or something like that?

  3. Can i upload it to wordpress repository?or other premium themes' resources : themeforest/wrapbootstrap?
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