Woocommerce product image disappeared

by troy   Last Updated July 12, 2018 00:08 AM

Im having a problem with all my product pages since last woocommerce update. on the individual product page, the product image disappeared from view for all products. I changed theme to Storefront. the issue did NOT go away. if i click the magnifying glass icon where the picture of the product is missing, the image is opening in a floating window…

in dev tools when I select class=woocommerce-product-gallery__wrapper and change width: 1200% to 600% or less, the image suddenly pops out. please see this screenshot for what i refer to: https://prnt.sc/jnjrlw

Im not sure how should I proceed from here.

will appreciate any help.

Tags : woocommerce

Answers 1

For me changing width wasn't the solution but setting opacity to 1 for class woocommerce-product-gallery in custom CSS helped. zS

Zsófi Bárdóczky
Zsófi Bárdóczky
July 11, 2018 23:17 PM

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