Migrate not successful, DB is broken. How to fix, or at least output static HTML without plugins?

by Mateus Oliveira   Last Updated November 17, 2017 16:08 PM

Sup guys.

So, I developed this website, and for the 3rd time it crashed when I tried to migrate (I used several techniques, all of them worked at some point with, but not with this website). The pages/post lists are empty, although the system actually displays the number of pages I created before. When I try to edit any page or post, or even access a plugin dashboard, it says I don't have permission to do that. I might edit pages using Visual Composer preview mode, but sometimes it doesn't save the changes, and I'm not able to create any new page.

So, now, I'm trying to output the current website to HTML, so I can work on the definitive path with a new Wordpress, without my customer actually realizing (since the website is published, but on HTML) I'm doing it, but I can't use any plugin, and HTTrack seems to never get the job done... has anyone ever faced anything similar?

If someone wanna help debug it, please access http://www.casadosoculostatuape.com.br...

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What have you done exactly upon migration? What install did you try to migrate from? Local, another domain?

My little checklist for migration:

  • use MigrateDB plugin to export a database. Use it to replace the old domain with the new one in the database
  • use BackUpWordpress plugin to do a Complete backup of the development site (with database also just in case)
  • upload files to new host
  • create a database for that website and upload the database generated by MigrateDB.
  • edit the wp-config.php to match the new server's configuration and database info.
  • test it out. In most cases it just works

Some things you should maybe check :

  • do the versions from you dev site and production site match each other: wordpress, PHP, Mysql?
  • what is the charset of your db in each install? Sometimes it could be different and mess with a lot of things

So i could help you further more it'd be great if you could activate set WP_DEBUG to "true" in the wp-config.php and check for php errors. Maybe also install Php Error log monitor plugin to see if it returns valuable information.

Finally and generally speaking, a good process to have to avoid such problems : before uploading to live site, create a subdomain on the same server (dev.casadosoculostatuape.com.br in your case) and try to migrate on this one... this way you won't have to deal with those problems AFTER the site is supposed to be online ;)


i know i don't directly answer the problem but my advice would be to directly debug the install without loosing more time.

Another question for you: can you provide a list of the plugins you dev site used?

If you answer my message with all the info i'll probably could help.

Julien G
Julien G
November 17, 2017 15:37 PM

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