After I migrated a website for WordPress - Saved changes in wordpress settings >> permalinks. Homepage only working, links not working

by Justin Young   Last Updated September 20, 2017 23:08 PM

I saw this question on another post but was unable to add an answer because my reputation is too low. So I thought I would create a new thread.

  • So I migrated a website from a draft server to a live server.
    • I copied the website folder from the draft server and pasted into the live server.
    • I copied the website database, created a new database in mysql in the live server, and pasted the copied database in the new database folder in phpmyadmin
    • I updated the website address from the draft url to the live url in the wp_options folder in phpmyadmin.
    • I updated the two siteurls in the config.php file in cpanel file manager

After all this was done I found that only the website homepage was working and none of the links were working. So I went to wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks and selected save changes. And.. The problem was still happening (only homepage working). Answer is in the answer section.

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