Local Wordpress from Git repo, where to set document root?

by George   Last Updated September 20, 2017 23:08 PM

I was given a repository for Wordpress project, and need to run it locally, I'm using Mamp.

Where do I set the document root to? I don't see an index.php file in root of the repo, but there is a /wp-content folder, and of course a /themes folder which both have index.php files. I need to be able to view one of the themes in there.

Do I set the document root to /themes/myproject? Because that didn't seem to work either. I think it's because I need to create a certain database in phpmyadmin but how would I know what name its expecting?

PS. I also don't see a wp-config.php file anywhere in the repo. Can I just create my own, or would I need to know what the original settings were?

Thank you!!

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