I can't update the siteurl or home url in wordpress

by Tomy-rex   Last Updated August 12, 2017 22:08 PM

I'm changing the domain for my website, so I bought the domain, and cloned the site using all-in-one wp migrate. This worked fine, website looked exactly like the old website which was great....

However, when I logged into the new domain wp-admin it redirected through to the old domain admin - obviously the links weren't updated. Easy to change, I thought - at first...

I went to phpmyadmin and found the wp-options database for the website and edited the siteurl and home url to the new domain - edited each one and saved them. however as soon as i logged into the new domain wp-admim, it opened the dashboard on the new domain but that is as far as it will go - anything after that it redirects to the old domain again. When testing, it seems that if I chnage the wp-options as described before, as soon as I log into the new domain it resets the siteurl and home url to the old domain values again.

The only way I can log into the wp-admin at all is by defining both url's in the wp-config. I've tried the wp-relocate which didn't work and as mentioned before when editing the wp-options mysql table it just resets itself...

Any ideas what is going on here? Am I missing a step or should I try something else? Editing the wp-config works but it hardcodes it and if I take out the coding it still redirects to the old domain so I'd like to get this sorted out properly.

any ideas welcomed!

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