Local Avatar & Sync Between Multisite

by Pol Ribas   Last Updated August 03, 2017 16:08 PM

I would like to disable gravatar and use my custom local avatar. There are lots of plugins that do that.

But I would also like it to sync the avatars between the sites of a Wordpress Multisite. There's only 1 plugin that does that... WPMU Avatars. But it doesn't give frontend shortcode or hook or anything...

I would like a plugin to upload from the frontend custom local avatar and also that syncs between sites. I think it doesn't exists yet.

My questions are:

  • Does exists a plugin like that?
  • Should I use WP User Avatar with its [avatar_upload] shortcode for the frontend? And tweaked in order to sync it to the other subsites? How can I do it?
  • Any custom code?


Tags : multisite avatar

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