Cannot access Wordpress website from external IP while internally it is working properly

by v kouk   Last Updated July 20, 2017 14:08 PM

I have setup a small website using LAMP (Raspbian) and Wordpress.
No domain name will be registered for the website.
For the moment I am accessing the site from inside the local network.
To access the site I just hit the IP address of the server (internal).
I want to access the site from outside the local network via the public IP.
The public IP is static and a Firewall is configured to translate the internal IP/default port(80) to the public static IP/(random port) and vice versa. Internal IP is static also and the RPi is directly connected to the FW via cable.

If I send a request from an external IP the page never loads and inside my admin panel(via WP Statistics plugin) I can see the request.

I would like to note that I have modified the wp-config.php and specifically these lines:



What changes do I need to make so that the site will respond to the external requests?

Is there anything I should check in my Wordpress/Apache/mySql/Linux configuration?

Please let me know if any configuration info would be useful.

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