Internal server error

by Atoms   Last Updated July 08, 2017 18:08 PM

I designed 2 Wordpress sites, one was inside another which you can get to by calling the folder where the second installation is. The first person that started the design used the first installation ( as a coming soon page while he used the second ( for the design of the main website. He started it this way before he left the job for me to finish. I finished designing at .../mainsite and was supposed to move to it to the main website @

I deleted all the initial database tables from ( and imported tables from ( to its own database @ ( I also used a text editor to change all the URL from ( to ( so as to avoid any error. I then moved the mainsite folder to ( root directory after deleting the original directory files that had the maintenance installation. And then finished it off by changing the database details to ( details to avoid database connection errors.

After all these, I tried accessing the website at but could only load the home page and the admin area. Any other page that I tried loading shows me an internal server error.

Please how can I fixe this. Is there something that I did wrong with my procedures? Please any help would be much appreciated. Much thanks.

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