Need Wordpress VIP's expert help,

by Govind Kumar   Last Updated May 19, 2017 10:08 AM

Question Regarding Wordpress VIP ->

I am learning Wordpress VIP, I am stuck at some of the confusion related to VIP development.

  1. About which things I have to be careful when developing the VIP theme or plugin? Is it necessary to follow WordPress VIP Coding Standards, I am asking about coding standard because I found some of the VIP plugin containing Coding Standards Error.

  2. If I convert the normal WordPress website into Wordpress VIP and if there are some plugins which are not compatible with VIP (for eg. Yoast ) what modification or ways do you suggest me to make so that, these plugin can be VIP compatible?

It will be very helpful if you could help me. ^_^

Question Regarding VVV ->

I am using VVV to setup the local WordPress development environment, VVV [] installed successfully, but I want to know these few question if anyone can spare some time and give some hints question mentioned below, I have already tried too much to get the proper way or answer but didn't get any correct answer.

  1. How can I use PHPCS for the WordPress files inside the vagrant, because when I run phpcs command it shows that 'command not found'.
  2. Is there any way to share the host with other nodes/system within the local network? I tried some tutorials but failed. :(

I am trying on Ubuntu and windows both OS. but didn't work on any of single OS.

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