Tunnel only specific folder/directory with ngrok

by Yordan Kostadinov   Last Updated August 27, 2017 16:08 PM

I want to tunnel only 1 folder/directory. Can I achieve this with ngrok?

I'm using xampp and most of my projects are WordPress websites.

I don't want the person with the link to see all my other folders.

Basically I'm using ngrok to show the projects to my clients and I want to show only specific folders.

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This is quite late for you, but this might help others.

I came across this same situation and I found the way.

Basically you need to create virtual host as @TheDeadMedic have suggested and then you can use it for ngrok.

I found this tutorial for wamp, so you can get idea for XAMPP from it.


P.S. I'm not promoting this tutorial.

sushant tayade
sushant tayade
August 27, 2017 15:37 PM

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