Distribution Commerce Kickstart 1.x - is possbile run Drupal Core 7.61 / PHP 7.2 ? And how

by Jii   Last Updated January 09, 2019 19:07 PM

I have small and very simple Drupal 7 site based on Commerce Kickstart 1.x distribution (originally instalation profile, now "distribution").

The version of distribution is 7.x-1.53. It is last released one. Further, I have PHP 5.6.39. Website is on common shared hosting. There is not shell e.g. MySQL is 5.5.62. Server is apache.

Some particular info regard my site: small multisite (3 sites with the same template and the same modules and with 3 different domains), some 90 modules, every site have approximately 1000 content items.

There is core drupal version 7.60 in this actual Commerce Kickstart 7.x-1.53 (released 18 October 2018)

But I would need the actual drupal core 7.61. It is because I must switch to PHP 7.2 (or 7.3). I would like as soon as possible, because PHP 5.x is not supported from first of January of this year (2019). I can not switch to PHP 7.0 as it is not supported by Drupal, and similarly I can not switch to 7.1 (problems/hosting).

As you can know, there is not a Commerce Kickstart 1.x profile with the Drupal core 7.61 till now. And there is no simple migration from Kickstart 1.x to Kickstart 2.x.

So, what to do now? How make for me to have Drupal compatible with some officially supported PHP version?

I am thinking about following solution:

I could try upgrade only core alone to 7.61 and let Kickstart distribution as it is. I would update modules, what need updating, of course.

Could I? Or is there any type of problem in this way?

Notice: I am thinking a bit about "unpicking" the Commerce Kickstart instalation profile from my website completly, but I only found similar thing for another kind of distribution (Community Media Starter Kit), than I have. So I dont now, if it would work?

Thank you

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