Node Reference Exclude Already Picked by User

by Travis   Last Updated May 11, 2018 15:07 PM

I am trying to do something similar to what this person intends to do Node reference - limit so node can only be referenced once, but cannot find an answer. I am sure it is possible with views.

I have a Drupal site with Ubercart that allows users to purchase "roles". Within the roles, the user will be given access to specified nodes or in this case "videos". I have another node that allows users to input their "device code" and reference the specific "videos" node with their device that they have access to.

The problem is, I want to restrict that "videos" node, making it unique to the device, so after it has been assigned to a device by using node reference, when the user tried to create a new "device" node, any previously referenced "videos" nodes by the user will be excluded.

How would this be possible? I'm trying to do this in an automated fashion without administrator involvement. Been dwelling on possible ways to make this work for several days now.

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