Drupal 8 modules cannot find vendor libraries

by Sergey Kravchenko   Last Updated April 21, 2018 10:07 AM

I am developing Drupal 8 with Commerce.

I need to have UPS and Fedex shipping modules and I noticed a strange problem with vendor dependencies.

I use a remote server to run the site and use Netbeans with automatic remote syncronization. So when I run

composer require drupal/commerce_ups

Composer downloaded the module and UPS vendor library. And then Netbeans automatically uploaded the module and library to the server. Please note that fresh composer.json was uploaded to server too. But the module could not find classes in vendor library and raised exceptions.

I decided to forgot about the module for some time. After some time I moved the site to other server, and then I tried to use UPS module again and it started to work however I did nothing: I just copied files and database.

But then I tried to install commerce_fedex module and faced with the same problem on the new server: the files of module and vendor libraries were downloaded to my local and uploaded to server successfully, but the FedEx module cannot see library classes. But UPS module works and can see its' vendor library.

What it can be? How to solve the problem?

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