How to fix file could not be created error?

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Why my drupal 7 live site is showing following error and how to fix this error?.enter image description here :

These are mine current file permissions what changes should i do? enter image description here

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its your path issue, it mostly happen when you transfer your remote drupal site to your local machine and set that up, the most important part is to setup the '/tmp' path, for you must have to go to:

admin-> config -> file system ( Under Media )

Then scroll down and change or correct the path of the tmp there eg:

Temporary directory: c:/wamp/tmp // in case if you are using WAMP server

In case if you are using any other AMP client eg ( XAMPP, MAMP or whatever ) use the exact path of the tmp here and this should do the job.

enter image description here


Please remove the preceding / from Temporary directory (i.e. tmp/central) and try

Hope this will helps you.


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AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd
March 13, 2018 05:38 AM

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