Removing grants for datbases that no longer exist

by Simon Avery   Last Updated July 12, 2019 14:06 PM

We have quite a few MariaDB servers with whom the permissions have gotten a bit messy over the years. I'd like to tidy them up.

I've already written some tools for presenting grants/table information nicely, and this has highlighted that that some users have a LOT of specific grants for databases or tables that no longer exist. On one server there are over 150 databases referenced by users in SHOW GRANTS, but only 12 databases still exist.

How might the users of Stackoverflow deal with housekeeping of this order?

Are there any tools that do basic auditing on Grants, accesses and Databases that will help me sort through this mess?

Ideally, something that spits out a list of mysql REVOKE statements that remove grants for databases that no longer exist, that can then be reviewed by a human before pasting as a query.

I can see a way to anagrammatically sorting through them, but it is likely to take a few hours to write that up. It may still come to that but I'd like to know if this wheel has already been invented.

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