Deploying a Tabular SSAS getting error

by Azzna   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:06 PM

I have a developer who is trying to deploy a Tabular SSAS to our SQL Server 2014 server. Our SSAS instance says it is set to server mode tabular, supported compatibility level is 1100 and our version is 12.0.5600.1. The SSAS cube is set to cmpatibility level of 1100. It is a tabular cube. When deployment happens we get these two errors:

Errors in the metadata manager. Cannot create or load objects in the database 'SSAS_New_CUBE' because the server is not running in Tabular mode. Errors in the metadata manager. Either the database with the ID of 'SSAS_New_CUBE' does not exist in the server with the ID of 'Server_Name', or the user does not have permissions to access the object.

I checked and the user we are using to deploy it has permissions on the SSAS instance. This is our first attempt at SSAS, so we are running blind here. Anyone run into this? Cause I am out of ideas.

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