Concurrent UPDATEs on INNODB tables in MySQL

by Olaf_SQL   Last Updated October 02, 2018 14:06 PM

I need to UPDATE all rows for multiple columns on a large INNODB table. Each UPDATE processes one column separately and takes about 1 hour. I have to do this for 10 columns so it would take 10 h I do not want to wait. As I have a 16 core CPU I would like to UPDATE concurrently.

Currently, as I do UPDATE all rows for each column the whole table is locked and I cannot start a further UPDATE on the same table on another column. Is there a (unsafe) way to do it in parallel?

Maybe something equivilent to READ UNCOMMITTED...

I am using MySQL 8.0 with INNODB and I it is a single user system so I do not have to worry about uncommited changes.

Tags : mysql sql update

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