SQL Availability Groups Failover Readinness "No data loss" and rollback of nonqualified transactions

by Dina   Last Updated September 10, 2018 15:06 PM

I have Availability Groups with Synchronous Replication and Automatic Failover setup with SQL 2016 SP2 in my production environment.

I want to do a manual failover for patching and I have done this in my dev environment several times. Right now my AG Dashboard shows, Failover Readiness "No Data Loss".

However whenever I do a failover, I still get notifications (a manually setup alert) from SQL Server telling me there were nonqualified transactions rolled back on the server, just like I did when I had Mirroring.

So, is this truly no data loss? It doesn't sound like it. And what exactly are nonqualified transactions vs. just transactions?

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