Insert Values Into Table, Putting Duplicates In Another Table

by Skitzafreak   Last Updated August 17, 2018 17:06 PM

So I posted this question yesterday. Some of the responses I got were helpful, however it seems my issue is a bit more complex than I originally thought.

After doing some looking the reason I was getting errors with my INSERT statement was because I was having columns like this:

part_number  |  description  | information 
331335A11       Desc1          Info1
331335A11       Desc2          Info1

Essentially, there are a number of entries that have the same value for the part_number field (which is suppose to be a UNIQUE column) but different vales for their other columns. As such the query was trying to insert them into the database, and I have my problem.

So what I am trying to do, because I am unsure just how many records in my table have this problem, is to do the INSERT into my parts table, but every time I get a repeated part_number value, instead of inserting it into the parts table, it is instead inserted into a table called parts_duplicates which won't have the unique restriction for the part_number column (but still have all the same columns as the parts table. From here I can analyze my incorrect data points and fix them (hopefully).

My only problem is...I have no idea where to even get started on tackling this. In the question I posted above one of the responses suggested using MERGE and I am currently in the process of testing that, but I am wondering if there is a better way to go about this.

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