Help with rig for postgres: Threadripper 1950x vs i9 7900x

by Takinho   Last Updated July 11, 2018 23:06 PM

can someone give us some help?

We are thinking of building a machine for our test data lab.

Today we got this server: i7 4770k, 32GB DDR3 running ubuntu lts 16.04 with 4 wd gold 8tb in raid 10.

The role of the machine is basically to match information from several data sources (tables in postgres 10.1. Today, some operations take more than 20 hours to complete, mainly due to slow disk access, and we want to reduce this time.

The data is not important, so we can use raid 0 because we can always reconstruct the data from the source.

We are thinking of building a machine with a RAID 0 of M2 (4 x samsung 970 evo 2tb) on a quad m2 pcie adapter (asus, asrock, etc).

We are in doubt between Threadripper 1950x or i9 7900X, but we have no experience with x299 and x399 + linux platforms.

Can someone shed some light or help with any recommendations?

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