Calculation of requiered free Disk Space for Index rebuild offline Operations

by Steve_Mueller   Last Updated May 28, 2018 08:06 AM

I have an SQL Server 2017 Standard Editon with two Databases. The current total index size of Database1 is 111 GB and for Database2 is 122 GB. Because i'm on Standard Edition i can only rebuild the Index offline. We have split the Database-Files on Disk D: and Log-Files on E:. Free disk space on D: is 290 GB and on E: 35 GB. How can i calculate the requiered free disk space for offline index rebuild on D: and E:? For online Index rebuild i've found an Microsoft articel around 1,2 times the total index sizes. Is this true for offline also? And do i need this free disk space for Database-Files and for Log-Files?

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