Tempdb size strategy

by Krishn   Last Updated May 02, 2018 18:06 PM

I've recently started my role as a DBA and my initial task has been to take ownership and redeploy a database provided by a 3rd party to help us conform to GDPR legislation.

As a consequence, I've not really been able to look at much beyond the project itself. I'm know at the stage where my database is ready to go live although there are a few caveats.

My existing code for some aspects creates large temporary tables (70m+ rows) and I know my dev database has grown over this project.

My question is for this and subsequent projects working with large datasets, in instances of temporary storage, should I use the temp database or create staging tables within the database I migrate to and drop them?

The reason I ask this is my live tempdb currently is less than 1gb in size whereas dev reached around 30 and should I continue with temporary tables, I would want to grow tempdb in advance to prevent waits on autogrowth.

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