SSAS and Visual Studio Optimization Wizard does not work

by Peppermallow   Last Updated April 16, 2018 04:06 AM

We have setup and logged data on our Production Server, but when we try to run the Optimizations from within Visual Studio it crashes immediately with

TITLE: Microsoft Visual Studio

The system cannot locate the object specified.



The tables all exist, right where they should, with DBO as the owner. The logged in user has the rights to read the data.

The extra information on the error says: Program Location:

at EnvDTE.IVsExtensibility.RunWizardFile(String bstrWizFilename, Int32 hwndOwner, Object[]& vContextParams) at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Shell.Project.FileProjectHierarchy.RunAddNewItemWizard(String pszItemName, Int32 cFilesToOpen, String[] rgpszFilesToOpen, IntPtr hwndDlg) at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.VsIntegration.Shell.Project.FileProjectHierarchy.RunWizard(String wizardName, String newItemName) at Microsoft.DataWarehouse.DataWarehouseUtilities.RunWizard(String wizardName, IServiceProvider serviceProvider, Object[] stackParameters) at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Design.AnalysisServicesUtilities.InvokeUsageBasedOptimizationWizard(MeasureGroup measureGroup, Partition[] selectedPartitions) at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Design.Aggregations.AggregationsEditor.OnUBO(MenuCommand menuCommand, CommandHandlingArgs args)

The OLAP tables have the default names of dbo.OlapQueryLog and there is recent data in it. Im not sure what else I need to do to make this activate, but I never get as far as the wizard window.

Any ideas?

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