How to take Backup of BackUp DB in SLQ 2012

by user149163   Last Updated April 16, 2018 04:06 AM

In Our environment, Log log shipping is configured and working good. ( 1. Transaction logs are Backed-up on Primary Server. 2. Copy to Backup DB 3. Restore on Backup DB. )

Background: We are in process of changing the IP of Backup (Secondary) DB server. And before changing IP, client wants to take the backup of the Secondary(Backup) DB.

Question: 1. Is it possible to take the backup of Secondary Database? (When I Right click on Backup (Secondary) DB --> Task --> backup, backup option is grayed out.) --> Do I need to 'Take Offline' to take back up ? --> Or is there any other way?

  1. Will there be any impact if we change IP of Backup (Secondary) DB and do we need to make changes anywhere else?

  2. Will Log shipping keeps running without any issues, or do we need to reconfigure it as new ?

Thanks, SN

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