Can you run two WSFC instances on two servers where each node is the primary for a different availability group?

by Ollie   Last Updated January 17, 2018 12:06 PM

I'm drawing up a proposal for upcoming infrastructure changes. This will include a production server and reports/data warehouse server, each with Always On. To keep hardware and licencing costs down, is it possible to run in a configuration of Server-A running Prod-AG Primary and Rep-AG Secondary, and Server-B running Rep-AG Primary and Prod-AG Secondary?

I presume each server would need 2x of the following WSFC instances,sql instances, AG's, listeners, DNS names/ports.

I hope this makes sense, here's a diagram of what I think it will looks like.

Desired Solution

In the case of a fail-over on either node, the workload/business need isn't that great that running off the same server for a couple of hours would be a major issue.

I've only found a couple of mentions of a similar setup that kind of worked but no definitive information from Microsoft or anyone who's successfully ran this setup.

SQL Edition will be 2017, most likely standard, I don't think we'll be approved for Enterprise. OS will be Windows Server 2016 Core.

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