Postgres: Difference between Tuples inserted and Live tuples

by Alex   Last Updated December 07, 2017 08:06 AM

Many apologies in advance, but I was not able to find this out myself:

What is the difference between live tuples and tuples inserted in postgres statistics?

There's this post, but it doesn't answer the question: pg_stat_get_live_tuples are Representing the number of live [...] rows (tuples) in the table. But what means "live"?

The Postgres documentation doesn't provide answers either:

pg_stat_get_live_tuples(oid) Number of live rows in table pg_stat_get_tuples_inserted(oid) Number of rows inserted into table

Why do my stats show 213,324,422 inserted tuples, but only 124,510,280 live tuples? (3,087,919 dead tuples)

The PG Admin documentation is also unclear about this. It further says that Tuples Inserted displays the number of tuples inserted into the database within the last week.

I would like to know the total number of existing entries in my database. Is this live rows or inserted rows?

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