The 'Database' with 'ID' = abcd doesn't exist in the collection

by Neil P   Last Updated June 02, 2017 16:06 PM

I've created a new user that I would like to have access to a cube.

The cube definitely exists and admins can see it and process data etc.

I have a new user account with reader and data processing permissions, which gets the following error when trying to connect:

  The 'Database' with 'ID' = abcd  doesn't exist in the collection. 

When this user is logged in via ssms, there are no databases displayed, as they either don't have permissions or the server is totally empty.

What should I check? Do microsoft publish a list of required windows polices that be be required for an unprivileged user?

Edit: without changing the configuration in SSAS, giving the user windows admin privileges seems to fix it. I wonder what's required that the user currently does not have :/

Answers 1

You do not need to give the user windows admin privilege.

Please follow the steps described here. It is well documented in the article.

June 03, 2017 05:13 AM

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