How to emulate performant date dimension for SSAS model in tabular mode / direct query

by Ondrej Svejdar   Last Updated May 04, 2017 20:06 PM

I have an indexed datetime column - lets call it "CreatedDateUTC" in table "Entity" in MSSQL db. Column contains UTC datetime. User connecting to db has known timezone offset. I have another table - DateDim with primary key column Date. This is to support date dimension for SSAS/Tabular model/Direct query scenario.

So on model level "Entity" is defined as SQL query

SELECT CAST(fn_AdjustCurrentTimezoneOffset(CreatedDateUTC) as Date) as CreatedDate 
FROM dbo.Entity

The SQL query featuring DateDim from report then looks like

SELECT * FROM [Entity] e 
JOIN [DateDim] d on CAST(fn_AdjustCurrentTimezoneOffset(e.CreatedDateUTC) as Date) = d.Date

which is unbearably slow when [Entity] table grows large. Even if i resign on adjusting timezone (which I don't want to), it doesn't get much better - i.e. this query is slow as well:

SELECT * FROM [Entity] e 
JOIN [DateDim] d on CAST(e.CreatedDateUTC as Date) = d.Date

My feeling is the issue here is with CreatedDateUTC datetime - it needs to be converted to indexed CreatedDateDayUTC date upfront (not a problem since I query special reporting db). My problem is with the timezone - since users have different timezone offset I cannot simply precalculate this.

On SQL level I would be able to get around this by this ugly hack - precalculate three dates (Date1=DATEADD(day,-1,CreatedDateDayUTC)/Date2=CreatedDateDayUTC/Date3=DATEADD(day,1,CreatedDateDayUTC)) on Entity table and adjusting join to something like:

SELECT * FROM [Entity] e 
JOIN [DateDim] d on CAST(e.CreatedDateUTC as Date) = d.Date 
  and (e.Date1 = d.Date or e.Date2 = d.Date and e.Date3 = d.Date)

However this can't be translated to query defining "Entity" on model level (there has to be just one column which can create relationship do DateDim Date column).

Any idea how to get around this ?

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