Recurrence of splitting a matrix array?

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If we have a matrix of nxn, what is the recurrence of splitting it into 4 equal parts of size (n/2)*(n/2)?

I thought it would be 4T(n/4) since we are splitting it into a 1/4 of the original size, but I saw from my book there is a similar problem (matrix multiplication) where the recurrence they got from splitting two matrices into 8 (n/2)*(n/2) matrices was 8T(n/2).

Would it be kT(n/2) or kT(n/4)?

Answers 1

What is n?

  • If n is the number of elements in the matrix, then after splitting it into four pieces every piece will contain n/4 elements.
  • If n is the number of rows/columns in the matrix so that overall size is n×n, then after splitting the matrix into four pieces each piece will have n/2 rows/columns.

The correct approach depends purely on your definition for n in the problem you are investigating. It seems that since you have a n×n matrix and not n elements, you should model this as kT(n/2).

September 11, 2019 21:32 PM

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