Steps to setup the communication of rasp pi 3 with hm-10 installed on tm4c microcontroller

by Sean   Last Updated September 11, 2019 20:05 PM

I would be happy if anyone could give me a hint, because surprisingly I couldn't find any source where the Pi setup for hm-10 is explained, my question is how to setup the Rasp Pi 3 to connect to hm-10 and send the commands?

My current setup as follows, hm-10 is installed on breadboard and the pin connections are going to tm4c microcontroller, now I am trying to communicate rasp pi 3 with hm-10 in order to send the commands to hm-10 from rasp pi.

P.S.: in case it's not right platform to ask this sort of question, please comment where to ask, because I am really stuck on this issue

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