best way to compare two voice recorder

by Tarek Baz   Last Updated September 11, 2019 15:05 PM

I want to implement something similar to a language pronunciation checking, so I wonder what is the best method to compare a voice record (an audio file in general) to another audio file ?

let's say I have a voice record, we call it file-A and another audio file-B (and the content of file-B also exist in a text format), and I would like to know if they are similar. so my options are:

  1. convert file-A to Text (i will use speech-to-text) then i will compare the result with the text content of file-B.
  2. or i will compare the audio file-A with file-B (and i don't know if there is something like this)

PS: the used language is Arabic

Tags : files

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