Best practice for a 3 parts web app

by emma   Last Updated July 12, 2019 18:05 PM

I'm about to code an app that will end up having 3 parts:

1 server side bot(not available to users directly) [php]
2 online crm-kinda/UI [php]
3 client side bot(for windows users only) [py]

1 and 2 both use the same database but different tables. 2 will provide 3 with data upon request.

For 1 and 2 should i create different structures? 1 OOP and 2 MVC - both using the same singleton db class? Or should i just extend 2 to take 1 under its wing even tho there's no user functionality in 1 - everything being ran by the server for the server?

Are there any resources that i could read about the best practices in this kind of scenario?


1 /var/www/[bot]
2 /var/www/html/[UI] 
3 [user's pc]   

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