Loading google sheets data into localdb sql

by Christopher Bradley   Last Updated July 12, 2019 15:05 PM

I have a google spreadsheet with data that pertains to people that want to work for ice cream shops.

An UI is to be created that will be able to [read, write, delete] that data from the ui and sync the changes to the google spreadsheet. The reason for not using google spreadsheet is that there are easily 5k rows that will continue to increase.

With that, this main sheet does some calculations in google apps script that pushes and pulls data from about 10 other spreadsheets. The ability to access that data locally, in my opinion will improve the time it takes to do theses calculations as they are set on triggers and can take 10 minutes to refresh to the other sheets in all.

I am using asp.net/wpf for the ui and sql localdb to house the data grabbed from the google sheets api.

There is ssis but is complicated and as there is no updated guides for pulling google sheets into it.

Has anyone dealt with this before?

I am efficient in c#, javascript, node, python, c++. Junior in Java.

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