Merging teams with different front end framework preferences

by chris   Last Updated July 12, 2019 09:05 AM

My company just went through a merger and as a result my small team has been expanded. From our side we have been using react for several years, and I firmly believe for us it is the superior choice in every way to angular which they use historically. We both have our own templates which have been developed over the last few years for various common projects.

Given that the end product of both can be made to look and function almost identically, is it advisable to let both developers use whichever they are most comfortable for new projects? In my head if everyone sticks to some predefined style and data protocols, end users won't know the difference, and everyone is happy.

As an additionally complexity, if we do take this approach, should new junior devs be pushed either way to try and push towards a majority framework?

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