Unit tests involving library functions and objects

by morbidCode   Last Updated October 23, 2018 17:05 PM

I am making a project using the Laravel framework.

I plan to create unit tests for my project. But I feel I don't really have an idea what to test because I mostly use library or framework functions. Even though I create my own functions, they usually are compose of functions called from Laravel and libraries I use. Here are some examples.

Adding a user

My application takes inputs from an ajax request, validates the fields and add them to the database.

  • The retrieval of fields from post data is handle by laravel (Request::all)
  • The field validations are handled by laravel's validator object.
  • The save method from an Eloquent object saves to the database.

What could I test here since all the objects and functions I used (validator, eloquent) are supposedly tested already by the framework authors?

Payroll computation

User submits an excel file that contains values. I would then make computations on each row and save each to the database.

  • Excel file handling and error handling are already handled by the phpspreadsheet library.
  • Any validations of dates in the file can be handled by the Carbon library.
  • Computations are handled by me. Know other library functions are used except the php built-in functions.
  • Validations are handled by Laravel's validator object.
  • Batch inserts are handled by Laravel's query builder.

The only thing here I think could be tested are my user-defined computation functions because those are created by me.

Are my observations correct?

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