Understanding LSB and MSB

by Ãjay   Last Updated January 26, 2018 18:05 PM

In reference to one interface control document, I found difficulty in understanding this concept. There is one parameter having LSB 0.0625 and MSB 2048 should be transmitted from one equipment to another equipment. It's range is 0 to 2400. This should be transmitted using only one word. That is 2 bytes. Now the problem is :I understood this as that parameter is being measured by one measurement system with resolution 0.0625. since it is decimal number how can we transmit these continuous range parameter using 2 bytes which purely integer( unsigned range for 2 bytes is 0 to 65535)? That parameter is speed which is being measured by ins-gps avionics system and is being transmitted to CPU using only 2 bytes. How to understand this? How can we represent decimal continuous ranged parameter into discrete integer ranged parameter?

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