I've noticed a trend with bluetooth audio devices

by Riku Anita   Last Updated January 12, 2018 17:05 PM

(sorry if this is in the wrong tag but I'm on the clock and needed to do this quick)

So far I've only had 3 devices that show this but it seems like they all have the same chip, I've never taken a look at their inner workings and I won't until my current pair (which I love) breaks.

But I noticed it with my:

  • Ihip headphones (waist of $15)
  • sharper image mirror speaker (crappy construction btw)
  • AT&T headphones (these feel like they have some quality)

All these devices play a sound when they start up. Some of those sounds are also used on other devices, the same goes for when they turn off and these devices feel the need to tell you when their battery is dying every 30 or less seconds by cutting your audio for five seconds and playing a 2 second sound.

These devices also use the same buttons in the same way;

  • Volume up skips song when pressed for a short period and turns up volume when held.
  • Volume down does the opposite. Restarting the song or going to the last song when pressed for a short period and turning down the volume when held.

I want someone to get some headphones from multiple companies and tear them down to compare their chips!

Hopefully we can write a code that modifies this common bluetooth chip to do some cool stuff or maybe turn off THAT DAMN LOW BATTERY ALARM! I KNOW SHUT UP AND LET ME HEAR MY MUSIC!

thank you

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