How can I inform my team when components are ready for integration?

by Gusdor   Last Updated October 12, 2017 22:05 PM

My team are developing a system with embedded and windows components. Currently we have seperate repositories for the windows and embedded platforms.

The rest of the team have concerns that there is not enough visibility of the current branch status to make assesments about user story completeness. The goal is to perform final integration for test as soon as we can.

It has been proposed that the solution to this problem is to roll the windows code into the embedded repository and just have a single repo for the whole software deliverable. I don't think this is necessarily evil but I also don't think we are going to get the value we need for the work it will take to port things across and fiddle with the build plans.

We attempt to be a scrum team and run JIRA alongside Bamboo and Bitbucket. I believe the agile philopsophy, scum method and the existing tooling present all the information needed to monitor progress on pull requests, branches and workflow across the project.

To solve team problems I always prefer behavioural solutions - it tends to cost less than yet more software over the long term. I quickly broached the idea of using the morning stand up and subsequent moments to actually talk to each other but that was not well received...

What stratagies can my team use to communicate the integration readiness of user story deliverables?

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