Importance of php unit tests regarding to basic classes

by Victor Gerfaud   Last Updated June 16, 2017 10:05 AM

For 3 months, I'm working on a Web Project using PHP to create a platform to handle remote lights and sensors. I'm currently almost alone to work on it, but we will be 2 on it in the next months.

As we are developping our business, we decided to try to work using an agile-like way of working. Nearly each month, we have a meeting with our client and I'm supposed to deliver a working version. But I realized I couldn't efficiently test my project because of many reasons:

  • I need to handle my 2 databases (the local one and the online one) and I can't put the local one online at each sprint because we have big amount of online data that we don't want to delete.

  • it happens that php files aren't correctly transferred online, so some features are just partially added.

  • we still don't have different cases of use, creating bugs when new features are implemented and tested with other ones. I must try the plateform by myself and it's difficult to test it in an objective way.

So I was wondering if I should use php unit tests to help me to handle part of the test work. As I'm mostly working on objects with add/update/save functions directly communicating with our MYSQL DB, I don't know if this is relevant and/our necessary to use it.

Do you think I should take time to create a system of unit tests in this project or is that completely a waste of time? Do you have any other idea to help me to test my project? It seems to me that I would be loosing so much time to implement it and I don't even know if it's a relevant way of testing my project.

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