How do I structure and maintain a large Core C# Application once it is in Production?

by johnny   Last Updated March 28, 2017 14:05 PM

Having used a lot of scripting languages, it's pretty simple to make a change. No compilation necessary.

But now I have an C# application. It's small, so I can learn from it, but how do I make changes when they are small? For example, say I need to add a column to the API. I forgot one.

What do I do? The application is one dll. I can add it and create the site and get away with it because it is a small application.

What if it is an entire Intranet? Lots of things going on. How do I structure this and maintain it?

If I have an HR, Board, Committee, Management, etc., are they all different dlls, all different Visual Studio projects? It gets even more complex if I use Razor (I think) because I should probably use VS for that front end as well.

What do I do when I make changes? Is this what Continuous Integration is for?

Edit: I have read this, I'm not sure it answers the question.

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